28 October 2012

Nail Art - M&M's

Hey lovelies! How's everyone? It's been such a long time since I last created a blog post. I've been missing this big time. I'm still struggling to manage my time so I can post regularly again. But for the mean time, I got some nail art for you all.

Last month, I joined a contest held by Caronia Philippines. Caronia has been one of the leading brands of nail polish and nail care products for as long as I can remember. Last month’s theme is to create a chocolate inspired nail design. And this is what I came up with.

M&M's on my hands
M&M's nail art
I already did this design previously on a friend’s nail. But I think I drew this better this time. I used different Caronia nail polishes as base color and drew in the M&M’s face. I drew different expression to add some character.

M&M's nail art with flash
I really believe that I did well on this design since I got quite some compliments from my co-workers with my nails – And without me showing them my nails. I really loved the attention my nails got during that day.
It’s been easier for me to do this since my first try, considering that I did these on my own nails. Here’s a closer look on my two fat m&m’s. J

M&M's on my thumb

Caronia usually requires a beauty shot of the designs showing your face. Although, last month, it was not requires, I still sent them a picture showing my face, and I liked how it looks. This is my entry.
Although I did not win, I am happy with my experience on doing this nails as well as the result. Also, I do not mind losing especially if the winners are deserving of their price. And they are very worth all the prizes they receive.
M&M's  beauty shot
That’s it for today’s post. I really hope to get back on track soon. I’m still active online, it’s just that I was not able to post much here. Feel free to contact me on any of my online accounts: Facebook, Tumblr and you can also follow me on my new Pinterest account.

As always, feel free to leave a comment. Keep rockin’ girls. 

Colors used:
Caronia Simply Red
Caronia Sapphire
Caronia Kiwi
Caronia Sun Kissed
Caronia Sweet Surprise
Caronia Summer Fling
Sassy Nail Art Pen White
Sassy Nail Art Pen Black
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