21 December 2011

Day 21 – Inspired by a Color

Hey there! We’re now starting the third and last part of the challenge: Inspirations. And for Day 21 we have Inspired by a color.

Most of the nail enthusiasts who did this challenge chose to recreate a color based on the name (most of them inspired by a nail polish color). I chose to do it differently.

I found tinkgurlnails’ crayola design very inspiring and appealing. So I decided to “copy” her design.

Since we’re dealing with colors, I think I still followed the theme. I gathered a couple of commonly used Crayola and painted on my four nails. Then I used a darker shade of the same colors to use as tips. I used a nail art brush to do that. Then with the help of my nail art polish, I striped in a thick black line and added the curves using the same color as the “crayon’s wrapper”

On my thumb I drew in green lines and the brand Crayola as what children would’ve seen in their boxes.

I’m impressed on how I was able to do this on my nails. It’s kinda cute and child friendly. Too bad I don’t know a lot of kids to show this off.

How do you guys liked it?

Colors used:
Essence Found My Love
Allue Pumpin’ Purple
Orly Blue Collar
SanSan Warm Blue
BNC Green Nail Art Brush
Bobbie Lush
Bobbie Vamp
Caronia Sweet Surprise

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