04 December 2011

Day 4 – Green

Moving on with the challenge. For the fourth day, we have the color Green. I do not own a lot of green polish. So today, I will be showing you something that I already swatched on my previous blog.

Bobbie Lush

This is Bobbie Lush, a regular green crème polish. Unlike Bobbie Vamp, this requires four coats to get full opacity. I forgot to use the white base, unlike the one that I used previously.

But I like the green shade and it’s consistency. the polish is easy to apply evenly.

I did have a hard time thinking of what to do as an accent nail. I’m thinking of the recycling symbol but I can not seem to figure out how to do that on my nails. After a lot of thinking, I ended up doing a non-green related design.

I love how I was able to draw the flowers. I know it’s not perfect. But I rarely draw a decent flower. So I really smiled after I was able to do this properly.

I also love how it looked on the camera. It looks like it’s a 3D flower, but no, it’s not.

Don’t you guys think the flowers are pretty?

Colors used:
Bobbie Lush
SanSan Warm Blue


  1. I think I am going to copy that 31 Day Challenge, and post it to my blog once I get to a point that I feel confident in my abilities, or maybe if I have nothing else to blog about. I may or may not have everything required for the challenge, but it still looks like fun! I hope you will not mind, and let me know what you think once I start sharing my pics of the challenge on my blog!

  2. Sha does shaweet nails: ofcourse i won't mind. i don't own that challenge as well. go and take on the challenge

    wickless and polished: thank you. :)


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