18 December 2011

Day 18 – Half Moon

Hi everyone! Today is Day 18 of the Challenge. For this day, we are required to do Half Moon.

Half moons are something I like looking at other people’s nails, but not mine. And this challenge made me do it. Looking on a brighter side, I get to try it on my nails.

I’m not really sure if this would pass as half moon since I’m only using one color. I wanted to use Essence Do a Floating Pirouette but had a hard time choosing what color to pair it with. I ended up using only that color.

I didn’t use any paper reinforcement for this design, hence the crookedness. I used a nail art brush to draw the “moon’s” outline and filled it up using the polish’s brush. I used two coats.

Over all, I liked how I was able to do this design for the first time. But I’m not sure if I’m gonna do this in the near future.

What do you guys think of half moons?

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