13 December 2011

Day 13 – Animal Print

Welcome to day 13 of the challenge. What I have for you today are some animal print.

I was thinking of doing a cow’s print for today’s challenge. But after seeing Chalkboard Nails’ design for this challenge, I got inspired and thought of doing the cow print some other time. She created a not so famous animal print. So I did some research and this is my result.

Day 13 - Animal Print

After doing the nails, it looked more of a Nemo (clownfish) to me. Is that what you think of as well? Here is my inspiration for this design.

Day 13 - Animal Print
This pattern is from a Red Milk Snake. I used Essence Perfectly True as my base color. I striped in some red and black polish for the skin. I think the proportions is not more of the snake’s that is why it look liked Nemo. 

Even if it looked like Nemo, I still think it will pass for this challenge since he is an animal. I did have a hard time controlling the brush specially with a shaky hand like mine. But I still love the design.

Does it look like a Clownfish or a Red Milk Snake?

Colors used:
Essence Perfectly True
Red 2 way nail pen
Sassy Nail Art brush Black


  1. This looks great, you did an awesome job on a really creative print! :)

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  3. There are various frames, masks and clip-art to decorate the card. You can design a card to suit your taste or what your friend as well.

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