17 December 2011

Day 17 – Glitters

Hi guys! I can’t believe I went this far on this challenge. Can you believe that I’m already on the 17th day? For today I will be showing you some Glitter nails.

For today’s challenge, I let my 8 year old nephew choose what color should I use. He chose Elianto Yellow. I really love the yellow shade but the application is really a pain in the neck. You’ll need 3 medium coats to make it opaque but yet, it’s still streaky. you would need a top coat to at least even it out.

After putting on 2 coats of Essence Space Queen, the streaks are not anymore visible. Space Queen have small multicolored glitters on a clear base. But I feel that the polish is so thick that I would have to wait till tomorrow to let it dry. (of course, I’m exaggerating). Here’s a closer look.

Those “sparklies” are the glitters. I actually like those glitters, maybe its just the color combination. I’m not really satisfied with how this turned out. It’s like I wanna remove this and change it with another one. But its too late for me to do that now. Before I wrap things up, let me show you how it looks in the bottle.

Lesson learned: not to use Space Queen over Yellow. Anyway, I have few more hours to have this changed.

Colors used:

Elianto Yellow
Essence Space Queen

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