06 December 2011

Day 6 – Violet

Today is my favorite day of the challenge. Primarily because this day will showcase my favorite color, Violet.

Allue Pumpin’ Purple
This polish is Allue Pumpin’ Purple. Allue is also an exclusive product of HBC. It’s a regular violet crème polish especially formulated for “tweens”. Unlike other polishes available in the market, Allue is packaged in a small bottle for only 5ml. I personally think this is because it’s target users are those who are almost in their teenage years and would not really need a lot of polish. I love its formula and consistency. Given the weather here, and the fact that I rarely use this color, the polish remains in good condition. It can be applied with ease. And you only need two coats for this opacity.

When I was younger, my mom said that green is my favorite color. Maybe because Peridot is my birthstone. But as I grew older, I realized that like her and my eldest sister, I also fancy shades of violet. When people ask me why it’s my favorite color, I would say: “Violet is the color of Royalty”.

I drew a crown as my accent nails. I’m not sure if violet is really the color of royalty. But I believe I heard it was. Nonetheless, I would still want to believe that it is.

I studied and graduated in a Catholic School. As far a I can recall, they said that Purple is the color of Lent and Mourning. It’s also the color that the priest use during interment. But violet is still a happy color for me.

What’s your favorite color?

Colors used:
Allue Pumpin’ Purple
Caronia Silver Platinum
Sassy Black (Nail Art Brush)
LA Colors Art Deco Yellow

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