14 December 2011

Day 14 – Flowers

Hi everyone! Today is already the 14th day of the challenge. I will be showing you some Floral nails.

Day 14 - Flowers

I am thinking of doing another Chalkboard nails inspired flowers (she really did a great job for her 31 day challenge). Unfortunately, I can’t find a flower that’s easy for me to do yet not so common. So I decided to just do a very simple flower.

Day 14 - Flowers

I used Caronia First Crush as my base color and free handed the flowers using a brush. I’m so happy to be able to draw a flower using a nail art brush. This is the second time that I was able to do that. The first is on my Funky French Flower, but that was only on my thumb. I already did a couple of flower designs way back but I normally use a dotting tool to create flowers since I’m not really good in controlling brushes.

Day 14 - Flowers

Even though I don’t think I made a good decision for my color combination, I still find the flowers classy and cute.

I hope you enjoyed and thanks for dropping by.

Colors used:
Caronia First Crush
Rimmel Chocolate Factory
Bobbie Touch of Tan

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