23 December 2011

Day 23 – Inspired by a Movie

Hello guys! It’s almost Christmas, and here I am almost done with the challenge. Today is Day 23 and I will be sharing an Inspired by a movie nail designs.

One of my weakness is horror / suspense thriller movies, especially the ones made by fellow Asian. Okay, so for today’s challenge, I kinda cheated a bit. It’s actually inspired by movies. What I have for you are Asian horror movies that I liked, well, most of them.

I liked how this turned out to be sort of a black and white design, except for the red eye.

Let’s go on into details.

On my pinky is my favorite Asian horror film, Shutter. Shutter Thai film. This a story of a photographer who is haunted by his past by the use of picture. He tried to solve the mystery, only to find out that his ex-girlfriend committed suicide after his friends raped her and he didn’t do anything about it. Okay, I don’t want to tell you the whole story.

It’s kinda funny how this is my favorite film yet, I hated it on my nails. I was trying to do a camera shutter design. But I failed on it one too many times. I decided I’d do a Polaroid picture instead. Yes, that’s a Polaroid, the back of the Polaroid picture actually. I find this hilarious since it looks like just a black square.

The reason why I said most of the designs are movies that I liked is because this next design is something that I haven’t watched yet. Yes, even though all of my classmates from way back High School watched this, I didn’t. I don’t know why. Anyway, on my ring finger is The Ring. The Ring is a Japanese movie that revolves around a cursed video. Wherein when the videotape is watch, the person will die in a week’s time. i don’t know much about this aside from what I have read. Maybe someday, when I get the chance to grab a copy of this movie I’ll be able to watch this.

On my middle finger is The Eye. This one is a film from Hong Kong and Singapore. This is a story of a girl who had an eye transplant and got more than what she expected. Aside from seeing what a normal eye can see, she can also see ghosts and spirits. She then struggles to find her donor and resolve the mystery.

On the index is also one of the movies that I liked. This is Alone. Alone is also a Thai film about a conjoined twins. The one of them is very sweet and protective. While the other one is sickly and jealous. The sickly one died after they were separated. Only to find out years later that it was really the sweet one who died. But the other one took over her identity so as to get the affection of her beloved. The sickly one wears a glass that she always keep so as her boyfriend does not find it. I find those eyeglasses relevant to the story since it was the indicator that the one alive is the jealous one. So I drew in The glasses.

This last movie is not my favorite, but among the five nail designs that I drew, this one is the one that stood up for me. This design is based on the movie The Grudge’s movie poster. The grudge is also a movie of curse. This time, the curse is in the house and anyone who enters it are being killed. The house is said to be haunted since the last family who lived there were brutally killed by the husband. Then he, himself committed suicide after.

In general, I like how this mani turned out. Sorry if this post turned out to be a movie summary. But I thought it’s the best way to describe the design.

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