08 December 2011

Day 8 – Metallic

Today is already the eight day of the challenge. And our motif for today is Metallic.

This is Catrice Iron Mermaid. This is by far the most expensive polish that I got. I purchased this before I left Holland. I love that it looks violet and green at the same time.

It also look similar to Essence Where is the Party? It’s base color is violet. When the light shine on it, it changes its color to green.

But unlike Where is the Party? it’s secondary color is more of a greenish / grayish one. You’d also need a lot of light for the color to come out and be evident. So it’s harder to capture its color.

I decided not to do a design or accent nail on this polish because I love it on its own. And this is the first time I was able to wear this color.

Do you also like metallics?

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