20 October 2011

Purple Plaid

Hi guys! What I will share with you today is a very simple design I made today. What I actually wanted to do is something a little in line with the season -- Halloween. But since I'm having a very important formal appointment tomorrow, I opted for a more simple design.

I already did a couple plaid designs way back, since as we all know, it's one of the easiest design to create. I think I already saw this over the internet, so I just copied it the way I remember it.

Purple Plaid
 I'm thinking of something bold and loud as my base color. But I can't really decide which one to use. So since violet is my favorite color, I decided to just use the most recent violet polish that I purchased, Caronia First Crush. I love the base color it's actually my favorite shade of violet. this is so recent that I was not able to swatch it yet. But be on the look out, I'll be doing a review some time soon.

As I've said on my previous post, I am really in love with a matte finish. So I used a matte top coat on this one before using a striper polish for the plaid.

I'd really love to have a very thin line for the plaid. But having a shaky hand like mine, its actually next to impossible. Nonetheless, I love how it turned out, simple and formal.

Hope you guys liked it. :)

Colors used:
Caronia First Crush
LA Color Art Deco Yellow
LA Color Art Deco Wild Fuschia

19 October 2011

Caronia Sweet Surprise

Hello everyone! Today, I decided to show you a post summer-colored polish. I know I'm waaay too late for this, especially in our country since summer is every March till May.

Caronia Sweet Surprise is one out of their 6 nail polishes from their summer collection.

Caronia Sweet Surprise
I've been looking for this shade that is not glazed for so long. When I got back from my vacation, I bought this together with the other color First Crush.

Sweet Surprise is a glazed bright yellow polish. It's also pigmented enough that I got this opacity with just two coats.And for just P31 (approx. US$0.72), it's worth every penny.

Honestly, I really thought that this is just a regular polish. I can barely see the usual shimmer that other Caronia glaze polishes have. What you see in the bottle, is exactly what you will get on your nails, no disappointments. The bright yellow is really suitable for summer look. Although based on my observation on my skin tone, bright yellow make my hands look darker than it normally is, but it won't stop me from wearing this. This is definitely a must-have for people with fair complexions.

This is how it looks like on a regular top coat.

Caronia Sweet Surprise

Caronia Sweet Surprise (Regular Top Coat)

Caronia Sweet Surprise

I also tried to use a gel top coat I purchased from Essence. To my disappointment, it's looks a lot like a regular top coat.
Caronia Sweet Surprise with Gel Top Coat
And as a personal favorite, I also tried to put on a matte finish.

Caronia Sweet Surprise Mattefied

Caronia Sweet Surprise Mattefied

Caronia Sweet Surprise Mattefied
It does not really look very different on the photos. But in real life, it's matte finish is just so elegant and can be worn even at the office. Even with its bold and bright color, the matte made it a little subtle.

I hope you guys like it. Leave a comment below for any reactions. :)

18 October 2011

Essence Where is the Party

blogger's note: this is a repost. original blog found here.
I’m scouting for a cheap (or at least on sale) nail polish for my birthday (Aug 17) with my mom. She wouldn’t let me buy expensive ones since she said that I already have enough. But since it was my birthday, she let me buy something for myself, but of course it should be cheap or at least on sale. So we went to “drug store hopping” to look for a polish. There were quite a few that is on sale, but she still thinks its expensive, so I didn’t buy them.

We stopped by at Kruidvat. Essence is at 50% off on selected polishes. Unfortunately, since its on sale, and only good while supplies last, everything is sold out. I then found Essence Where is the Party. I fell in love with its purple color, that I can’t let it go since it was the last piece. I’m still weighing things if I should purchase it or not, since it was not on sale. After some “should I buy, should I not buy” moments, I finally gave in, went to the cashier and paid for my essence.

I was not able to try it on until last Wednesday (Aug 24). And I fell in love even more after applying it on my nails.

Essence Where is the Party
I love its shine and the color itself. Believe me, the photo did not gave justice to its color.

What I love more is that it does have a different color when the light shines into it.

Essence Where is the Party on light
Essence Where is the Party on light
  I did have a hard time capturing the color. I don’t know how to angle my hands or the camera so that the color will not be purple. And just the same, the photo does not really gave justice. But I love the “greeniness” of it that I can’t stop staring at my nails in sunlight.

Lines and Dots

Hello everyone! For my first nail post, I decided to show you a nail design I made last month during my vacation in Hoorn, Netherlands -- Lines and Dots.

This design is actually inspired by a plaid tutorial as seen on Rebecca Likes Nails and Nail Polish Art Addiction. I started on with the base color, striped a complementary color and added red lines instead of white. While looking at it, i decided not to do the plaid. But it look so dull and boring so I added some dots using green polish.

Here's how it looks like with regular glossy top coat.

Glossy Lines and Dots

And being a fan of matte finish, I just can't resist putting on a matte top coat. Here's how it looks like.

Lines and Dots mattefied

Hope you liked it. Feel free to comment. Any reaction (good or bad) is highly accepted. :) Till next time.

Colors used:

Essence Found my Love
Essence Wear your Little Tutu
Les Lolitas #39

14 October 2011

About me

Hello everyone. It’s already been two months since I last set up this blog but this is my first actual post. So before anything else, I’d like to first introduce myself.

I am Bo, a 23 year old Filipina who loves to blog and paint her nails. I have always been fascinated with nail arts but it’s just a year ago when I attempted doing nail arts and collecting nail polishes. I’ve also been blogging for some time now but I started to blog about my love for nails just a couple of months ago.

naiilartlover started from Tumblr where I post my recent and old nail art. I started from a crappy camera and crappy nail art but eventually improved my skills. I won’t say that I’m already good at it, I am just confident that I already developed my nail art.

I will not be importing my nail art anymore from my old blog. Instead, I will be starting from my recent works.

I am open to comments, criticisms, and suggestions. Since I’m not yet fully set up now, you can reach me thru my Tumblr ask.
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