20 October 2011

Purple Plaid

Hi guys! What I will share with you today is a very simple design I made today. What I actually wanted to do is something a little in line with the season -- Halloween. But since I'm having a very important formal appointment tomorrow, I opted for a more simple design.

I already did a couple plaid designs way back, since as we all know, it's one of the easiest design to create. I think I already saw this over the internet, so I just copied it the way I remember it.

Purple Plaid
 I'm thinking of something bold and loud as my base color. But I can't really decide which one to use. So since violet is my favorite color, I decided to just use the most recent violet polish that I purchased, Caronia First Crush. I love the base color it's actually my favorite shade of violet. this is so recent that I was not able to swatch it yet. But be on the look out, I'll be doing a review some time soon.

As I've said on my previous post, I am really in love with a matte finish. So I used a matte top coat on this one before using a striper polish for the plaid.

I'd really love to have a very thin line for the plaid. But having a shaky hand like mine, its actually next to impossible. Nonetheless, I love how it turned out, simple and formal.

Hope you guys liked it. :)

Colors used:
Caronia First Crush
LA Color Art Deco Yellow
LA Color Art Deco Wild Fuschia

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