14 October 2011

About me

Hello everyone. It’s already been two months since I last set up this blog but this is my first actual post. So before anything else, I’d like to first introduce myself.

I am Bo, a 23 year old Filipina who loves to blog and paint her nails. I have always been fascinated with nail arts but it’s just a year ago when I attempted doing nail arts and collecting nail polishes. I’ve also been blogging for some time now but I started to blog about my love for nails just a couple of months ago.

naiilartlover started from Tumblr where I post my recent and old nail art. I started from a crappy camera and crappy nail art but eventually improved my skills. I won’t say that I’m already good at it, I am just confident that I already developed my nail art.

I will not be importing my nail art anymore from my old blog. Instead, I will be starting from my recent works.

I am open to comments, criticisms, and suggestions. Since I’m not yet fully set up now, you can reach me thru my Tumblr ask.

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