27 February 2014

OMG Gold Digger

Hi everyone! How's your week so far?

Today, I don't have nail art for you, but I do have some swatches to share.

On my nails is two medium coats of OMG Gold Digger with top coat. I was so attracted with it's "loud" color that I immediately grabbed it from the rack.

OMG Gold Digger is a pretty gold shimmer polish. It is pigmented enough that I only used two medium coats to cover my nails. It's consistency is very easy to handle that I didn't have any problems with the application.

The only problem I had was the shrinkange. Or so I thought it was. If you would notice my middle finger, it has something like a tip wear. Though I'm also thinking that it might be with the matte top coat that I used or it was really me not taking care of my newly polished nails.

Although I am generally happy with the polish itself, I don't think that it is something I'd wear on its own. I kind of think that the color does not complement my hands and it looks a bit too old. But I think it's good for nail art.

Here's a shot indoor with flash

And this one's indoor without flash

I decided to mattify it with Bobbie Matte Top Coat. It did toned down the "old look" on my hands.

And this one's taken outdoors, under shade without flash.

Nothing still beats the natural lighting. I love this photo compared to the other photos I took.

Sorry, I didn't follow the 2-3 pics per post. I hope y'all don't mind ;)

This specific OMG Polish costs PhP20 for a 10ml bottle. Isn't that affordable? It's available on selected department stores nationwide.

So what do you guys think?

Leave any comments, I'd be most happy to read and reply. Keep rockin' girls!

Note: this item is purchased by the blogger and it's review is entirely personal opinion

13 February 2014

"Pirated" Domo Kun

Hi guys!

How's everyone? I'm actually not scheduled to post this today, but I can't sleep (which is kind of crazy cause I'm starting to feel like zombie). So I just decided I'll just share with you the nail art I did last Monday, which I called "Pirated" Domo Kun.

I'm not really sure if the word "pirated", is globally acceptable. But here in where I live, we refer to imitations as pirated.

I started off with OMG Sunny Tan as my base color. It's actually a few shades lighter than Domo Kun's brown color, but it's the only brown available. So that's one point for the piracy.

Then I started drawing his face. If you would notice, his teeth are round, instead of a pointy one. Yes, that's another piracy out there. I tried (I did!) To draw pointy teeth, but I failed. So I decided on just putting white dots instead. I still find them cute.

I topped it with Etude House Top Coat before adding on Girl Stuff Matte Magic for a more cartoony look.

I'll practice more on the pointy teeth and maybe try this design again. This is actually a design requested by my first fan, kirbyandthesneaks. She's my godchild actually.

So, that's it for today's post. I really hope I could get to snooze off after this.

Keep rockin' girls. :)

Nail polish used:
OMG Sunny Tan
OMG White Out
OMG Black Out
OMG Salsa

09 February 2014

Dotted French

Hey everyone!

I know, I know. I've been MIA for so long. I won't make up excuses for that. But just to sum it all up, I needed to fix my life. But I never forgot my love for nail art.

Anyway, what I'll share with you today is my most recent nail art that I wanted to call Dotted French

Here, I used OMG First Date as the base coat with Girl Stuff Matte Magic on top.

I've recently been purchasing OMG nail colors. Aside from their wide range of attractive colors, they really are budget friendly. This specific color is less pigmented so I had to use 4 thin coats of polish.

I then dotted different sizes on different places using OMG Bahama Blue and OMG Atlantis. But I only placed the dots on the tip of my nails for a French manicure effect. Then, dabbed on some top coat on the dots for added contrast.

So that's it. I hope you guys liked my comeback post. I do hope to post regularly now. But less pictures for the meantime (just about 2-4 pictures per post)

Till next time! Keep rocking girls!

This is a test post

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