12 November 2011


I previously said that I’m going to show you another nail design I did for my ex-boyfriend, so here it is. This one is the one I did before the Haunted House and Cats. I already did a couple more designs in his nails way back’ but this one is more recent.

When he went to visit me then, I wanted to paint his nails. I’m thinking of something easy to do. While I’m browsing through some nail tutorials that I can do, I thought of doing a tribal nail design. But he saw Pikachu and said he wanted that. So I checked out cutepolish’s tutorial. And since it was easy to follow, I decided to give it a shot.

And here’s how it turned out.


It’s kind of hard to actually position his hands in a way that it would be easy for people to distinguish that it was Pikachu.

Here’s another attempt in positioning the hands.

I’m not sure if it is recognizable, but with the red cheeks, pointed nose and zigzag mouth, I think it is.

What can you say about Pikachu?

Colors Used:
Essence Fabuless

11 November 2011

Funky French Flower

When I was in Holland, I stumbled upon nailside’s blog, (if you’re a fan of nails, you better check her blog.) She’s also from Netherlands, and she was the one who introduced me to some drug stores that sell cheaper polishes.

She does a lot of tape manis which I would like to try out more. I already did her laser mani way back. And now, I will show you another nail design that I copied from her, the Funky French.

Funky French

I’m only going to do a simple polish, but I got bored with how it looked like.

Essence Tryin' to be Cool

I remembered how her mani looked like and decided I’d give it a try. I started cutting strips of tape to use and tried to figure out how I’ll do them. While in the middle of all those cutting, I ruined my thumb a bit. So I decided to just paint the other four. And on the remaining nail, I decided I’d do a simple sun flower.

Funky French Flower

I wanted to put little dots on the brown part of the flower but after putting one dot, I don’t think I got my desired effect so I just choose to put a face on it.

Sun Flower

When I look at it, it looks like the plants vs. zombies’ sunflower. And I find it cute.

What do you guys think?

Colors Used:
Essence Tryin' to be Cool
LA Color Art Deco Yellow

10 November 2011

Neon Skittles

While I was in Holland, I met a Surinamese. She’s a friend of my mom. She’s very kind and friendly. She let me come with her during her badminton games and we also went to couple of museums together. Before I left, I decided to pay her a visit. My plan is to paint her nails. Nanay (translation: mother) said she also loves cosmetics and painting her nails. (I might post picture of her nails too). So I brought all my polishes with me, so I can do nail art. When she saw my collection, she remembered one polish set that she have that she do not use. And she gave it to me.

It’s a set of bright neon colors. Unfortunately, it does not have any brand or label. I guess its just a cheap polish. But I don’t really care with the price as long as I get what I want.

It was just last week when I tried it out. And its as good as any polish that I own. I love how easy it is to apply on nails. I also love its bright neon colors. I’m not really fond of neons since most of the time, it’s painful to the eyes to look at them. But this polish is just an exemption. Despite it being bright, it’s not harmful to the eyes to look at.

This is how it looks like on my nails.

Neon Skittles

I decided to use five colors (excluding orange) on all my fingers. This polish is somewhat glazed but doesn’t sparkle that much. I still think it looks like a regular crème polish on my nails. But what’s good in it is with just two coats, you get a good opaque color on your nails.

I don’t want to have same color on same fingers so I decided to move colors a bit.

Here’s how my left hand looks like.

Neon Skittles - Left Hand

And this is my right hand.

Neon Skittles - Right Hand

Notice how the colors changed from one finger to the other.

I would also want to show you how it looks close up, but or some strange reasons while I’m looking at the files, a close up of my ring finger is missing, so I will only be able to show you the other four fingers on my right.

I used purple for my thumb.


It somehow looks a little pinkish / fuchsia on picture but its purple in real life. Although, I had a hard time achieving this opacity because the brush for this polish is not as good as the rest. (I ruined some of the tips though)

I used green on my index.

Index Finger

I know I already used this specific color when my mom tried painting my nails. I like the shade of this green.

I painted my middle finger blue.

Middle Finger

I like how this finger turned out. It looks velvety to me. One day I might try putting this on with a matte top coat.

As I’ve mentioned, I don’t have a photo of my ring finger,  (I used yellow for that), so I’ll move on to my pinky.

My pinky wears a pink polish.

Pinky Finger

With sunlight, it somewhat look a bit orange. I also tried to use this for a striped mani with another pink polish, and it looked more orange.

In general, I love how this colors look on my nails. Unlike some other shades, I think they don’t make my fingers look darker.

Neon Skittles

What do you guys think?

09 November 2011

14th Anniversary

No, It’s not my 14th anniversary, just to be clear. My eldest sister and her now husband celebrated their 14th year anniversary last October 22. Since I can’t think of a design to put on my nails, I decided to do something in relation to them.

I used red and violent as my base color since its their favorite. I wanted something that can be recognized immediately but I can’t think of anything else so I decided to just use their anniversary date.

14th Anniversary

They both love coffee, and can’t live without it. So I used a cup of hot coffee for my pinky finger.

14th anniversary with a cup of coffee

They also use to call themselves “butiki” (translation: lizard) which is seen on my thumb. I tried to use the home-made sticker, but when I tried to transfer it on my nails, the hind legs fell of from the body. But I still placed it anyway.

14th anniversary with a lizard

My sister said she didn’t like it because it wasn’t on her nails. Haha! Nonetheless, I am still happy with how it looked like.

14th anniversary with a cup of coffee and lizard

How about you?

08 November 2011

Haunted House and Cats

This post will be my second (and last) Halloween nail design. My ex-boyfriend used to let me paint his nails so that I can practice. (I’m going to show you another design I did on his nails)

This is the Cats and Haunted House nail art, also inspired by Simply Rins. I decided to do this on his hands because I doubt if I can draw the house on my own nails. And besides, orange is his favorite color.

Haunted House and Cats
For this design, I copied how Rina made it on her nails, placing the house as accent nails and cats on the rest.

Haunted House and Cats
It’s funny how the house looked like a cemetery with the fences I did on its side. I think the fence is too big making it look like crosses on grave yard.

Haunted House and Cats
I find it hard to draw the house as well. My tool cannot make very thin lines. And since it looked like mausoleum on his right hand, I decided to put crosses to symbolize gravestones on the left hand. I still think it gave the desired  effect of making it look creepy.

Graveyard and Cats
The cats are easy to draw, especially if you would just follow the tutorial.

Please bear with the picture quality since it was taken at night, giving me a hard time capturing it clearly.

Graveyard and Cats

What can you say about my cats and haunted house rendition?

Colors used:
Bobbie Salmon
Essence Fabuless
Essence Perfectly True

03 November 2011

Crawling Spiders

Hello! I know I have been missing in action for the last couple of days. We don’t have a decent internet connection at home that’s why I’m not able to post my nail designs. But I want to make it up to you by posting my Halloween nails.

For the next this post and the next one, I will be sharing the nail designs I made for Halloween. Both designs are actually done with Simply Rins’ nail art tutorial.

Let me start with the design I made on my own nails, the crawling spider.

Crawling Spiders
You can find the tutorial on Simply Rins’ website. I really love how she drew the spiders. As a twist on what she did, instead of making them all crawl from my nail bed, I decided to make it from different sides.

Crawling Spiders

Even though I think my nails do look good for Halloween, I still think they look like black crabs because of the fat feet. 

Crawling Spiders

I also decided to change the eye color on each nail to give them different personality.

Crawling Spiders

What do you guys think about the design?
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