09 November 2011

14th Anniversary

No, It’s not my 14th anniversary, just to be clear. My eldest sister and her now husband celebrated their 14th year anniversary last October 22. Since I can’t think of a design to put on my nails, I decided to do something in relation to them.

I used red and violent as my base color since its their favorite. I wanted something that can be recognized immediately but I can’t think of anything else so I decided to just use their anniversary date.

14th Anniversary

They both love coffee, and can’t live without it. So I used a cup of hot coffee for my pinky finger.

14th anniversary with a cup of coffee

They also use to call themselves “butiki” (translation: lizard) which is seen on my thumb. I tried to use the home-made sticker, but when I tried to transfer it on my nails, the hind legs fell of from the body. But I still placed it anyway.

14th anniversary with a lizard

My sister said she didn’t like it because it wasn’t on her nails. Haha! Nonetheless, I am still happy with how it looked like.

14th anniversary with a cup of coffee and lizard

How about you?

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