10 November 2011

Neon Skittles

While I was in Holland, I met a Surinamese. She’s a friend of my mom. She’s very kind and friendly. She let me come with her during her badminton games and we also went to couple of museums together. Before I left, I decided to pay her a visit. My plan is to paint her nails. Nanay (translation: mother) said she also loves cosmetics and painting her nails. (I might post picture of her nails too). So I brought all my polishes with me, so I can do nail art. When she saw my collection, she remembered one polish set that she have that she do not use. And she gave it to me.

It’s a set of bright neon colors. Unfortunately, it does not have any brand or label. I guess its just a cheap polish. But I don’t really care with the price as long as I get what I want.

It was just last week when I tried it out. And its as good as any polish that I own. I love how easy it is to apply on nails. I also love its bright neon colors. I’m not really fond of neons since most of the time, it’s painful to the eyes to look at them. But this polish is just an exemption. Despite it being bright, it’s not harmful to the eyes to look at.

This is how it looks like on my nails.

Neon Skittles

I decided to use five colors (excluding orange) on all my fingers. This polish is somewhat glazed but doesn’t sparkle that much. I still think it looks like a regular crème polish on my nails. But what’s good in it is with just two coats, you get a good opaque color on your nails.

I don’t want to have same color on same fingers so I decided to move colors a bit.

Here’s how my left hand looks like.

Neon Skittles - Left Hand

And this is my right hand.

Neon Skittles - Right Hand

Notice how the colors changed from one finger to the other.

I would also want to show you how it looks close up, but or some strange reasons while I’m looking at the files, a close up of my ring finger is missing, so I will only be able to show you the other four fingers on my right.

I used purple for my thumb.


It somehow looks a little pinkish / fuchsia on picture but its purple in real life. Although, I had a hard time achieving this opacity because the brush for this polish is not as good as the rest. (I ruined some of the tips though)

I used green on my index.

Index Finger

I know I already used this specific color when my mom tried painting my nails. I like the shade of this green.

I painted my middle finger blue.

Middle Finger

I like how this finger turned out. It looks velvety to me. One day I might try putting this on with a matte top coat.

As I’ve mentioned, I don’t have a photo of my ring finger,  (I used yellow for that), so I’ll move on to my pinky.

My pinky wears a pink polish.

Pinky Finger

With sunlight, it somewhat look a bit orange. I also tried to use this for a striped mani with another pink polish, and it looked more orange.

In general, I love how this colors look on my nails. Unlike some other shades, I think they don’t make my fingers look darker.

Neon Skittles

What do you guys think?

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