11 November 2011

Funky French Flower

When I was in Holland, I stumbled upon nailside’s blog, (if you’re a fan of nails, you better check her blog.) She’s also from Netherlands, and she was the one who introduced me to some drug stores that sell cheaper polishes.

She does a lot of tape manis which I would like to try out more. I already did her laser mani way back. And now, I will show you another nail design that I copied from her, the Funky French.

Funky French

I’m only going to do a simple polish, but I got bored with how it looked like.

Essence Tryin' to be Cool

I remembered how her mani looked like and decided I’d give it a try. I started cutting strips of tape to use and tried to figure out how I’ll do them. While in the middle of all those cutting, I ruined my thumb a bit. So I decided to just paint the other four. And on the remaining nail, I decided I’d do a simple sun flower.

Funky French Flower

I wanted to put little dots on the brown part of the flower but after putting one dot, I don’t think I got my desired effect so I just choose to put a face on it.

Sun Flower

When I look at it, it looks like the plants vs. zombies’ sunflower. And I find it cute.

What do you guys think?

Colors Used:
Essence Tryin' to be Cool
LA Color Art Deco Yellow

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