13 February 2014

"Pirated" Domo Kun

Hi guys!

How's everyone? I'm actually not scheduled to post this today, but I can't sleep (which is kind of crazy cause I'm starting to feel like zombie). So I just decided I'll just share with you the nail art I did last Monday, which I called "Pirated" Domo Kun.

I'm not really sure if the word "pirated", is globally acceptable. But here in where I live, we refer to imitations as pirated.

I started off with OMG Sunny Tan as my base color. It's actually a few shades lighter than Domo Kun's brown color, but it's the only brown available. So that's one point for the piracy.

Then I started drawing his face. If you would notice, his teeth are round, instead of a pointy one. Yes, that's another piracy out there. I tried (I did!) To draw pointy teeth, but I failed. So I decided on just putting white dots instead. I still find them cute.

I topped it with Etude House Top Coat before adding on Girl Stuff Matte Magic for a more cartoony look.

I'll practice more on the pointy teeth and maybe try this design again. This is actually a design requested by my first fan, kirbyandthesneaks. She's my godchild actually.

So, that's it for today's post. I really hope I could get to snooze off after this.

Keep rockin' girls. :)

Nail polish used:
OMG Sunny Tan
OMG White Out
OMG Black Out
OMG Salsa


  1. Ooohhh. Domo Kun! It's sooo cute! Hihi.

  2. Haha I find this manicure so funny

    1. I'd take that as a compliment. Because I also find it funny. :)


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