12 November 2011


I previously said that I’m going to show you another nail design I did for my ex-boyfriend, so here it is. This one is the one I did before the Haunted House and Cats. I already did a couple more designs in his nails way back’ but this one is more recent.

When he went to visit me then, I wanted to paint his nails. I’m thinking of something easy to do. While I’m browsing through some nail tutorials that I can do, I thought of doing a tribal nail design. But he saw Pikachu and said he wanted that. So I checked out cutepolish’s tutorial. And since it was easy to follow, I decided to give it a shot.

And here’s how it turned out.


It’s kind of hard to actually position his hands in a way that it would be easy for people to distinguish that it was Pikachu.

Here’s another attempt in positioning the hands.

I’m not sure if it is recognizable, but with the red cheeks, pointed nose and zigzag mouth, I think it is.

What can you say about Pikachu?

Colors Used:
Essence Fabuless

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