19 December 2011

Day 19 – Galaxy

Hello everyone! We’re now on our 19th day of the challenge! And today I have some Galaxy Nails to show you.

When I first tried on galaxy nails, I followed cutepolish’stutorial. I was not quite happy with how that design turned out, but I think it’s not as bad for a first try. After my first attempt, I realized it’s easier to achieve the design using sheer polish instead.

So for today’s version, I chose polish that are not so opaque and sponge it randomly on my nails. This design looks complicated, but I can attest that this is not as hard as it looks like. Although this might take a lot of time to do, you wouldn’t really need a lot of effort to finish it up.

With the help of a make-up sponge (which I had to cut in small triangles) and some polishes, I was able to achieve the desired effect. I used Essence Grand Plie in Black as the base color. As I’ve previously mentioned, I love that it already have its “built in stars”.  Then I sponged in some sheer white using Lycra Flex Astor, followed some sheer colors which I will be listing at the end of this post. I added some big and random small dots for the stars and added Essemce Space Queen for the tinee-tiny stars.

Overall, I’m happy on how this one turned out. I’m thinking of trying out other patterns or color combination the next time I do this on my nails.

What do you guys think?

Colors used:
Essence Grand-Plié in Black
Lycra Flex Astor
Bobbie Piña Colada
Unbranded Purple Polish
Rimmel French Rose
Neon Blue
Essence Perfectly True
Essence Space Queen

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