05 December 2011

Day 5 – Blue

Today is the fifth day of the Challenge. What I have for you is Blue. Just like green, I don’t have a blue polish that I haven’t showed on my blog yet. But I decided I’d use a color that I haven’t posted here.

This is SanSan Warm Blue. SanSan is also a local brand, it’s an exclusive product of HBC. Just like most of my polish, SanSan Warm Blue is a regular light blue crème polish. It has a very good formula and consistency. and the best feature is that you only need two coats for it to be opaque.

Aside from a shiny finish even without the top coat, the light blue shade also appeals to me.

This shade of blue reminds me of a very clear sky and a beautiful weather to go to the beach.

So I decided to paint my accent nails some clouds and sponge in the ocean. Yes, that’s the cloud up there. I think the colors that I used doesn’t really look like a cloud.

Nonetheless, I like how this turned out. Reminds me of summer. I am more of a summer person. Especially that here in my country, we only have two season -- summer and rainy (I think that’s kind of like autumn in most countries). Blue skies and white clouds gives me hope and brings in a positive feeling for me. I love sunrise.

Which season appeals to you the most?

Colors used:
SanSan Warm Blue
Elianto Novy
Essence Tryin’ to be Cool
Orly Blue Collar


  1. I haven't tried San San. I'll check it out on my next shopping day.

    Lovely blue shade, it's a good base color for nail art. :P

  2. yes, i suggest you do. its pretty good. :)


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