20 December 2011

Day 20 – Water Marble

Hi guys! We’re already done with the second leg of this polish challenge which is the patterns. Today is also the day I dreaded the most. This is the day I need to do Water Marble nails.

Okay, this isn’t the first time I’ve ever tried this. As a matter of fact, after several attempts on this one, I only had onesemi-successful water marble.  No matter how easy it may seem on video tutorial, such as the one by Simple Little Pleasures or how beautiful it may seem on gorjessnails or victoriac7, I cannot seem to do that on my nails. After a couple of drops and some dragging onto the water, the polish looks awesome. But for some insane reasons, it does not look like that when I dip my nails in, it doesn’t look like that – not even close.
This is my nth attempt to water marbling.

I would have to thank my 8 year old nephew (yes, the one who chose my nail polish). If it hadn’t been because of him, I might have given up doing this. He’s so amazed on how the polish spread onto the water that he kept on cheering me to do it all over again.

I chose a couple of color combinations to work with. I thought of doing some rainbow colors. I tried on my unbranded neon polishes. It didn’t work out good enough. I wanted to give up. So I scratched the idea off and just went over my stash again. I didn’t think of any design anymore. I just want to get it over with. I picked on some colors and started dropping polishes again. Some of it went straight to the bottom. I wanted to scream.

I started to use Orly Blue Collar and SanSam Violet Glam. It did pretty well at first. But I’m still not satisfied with how it looked. I tried SanSam Violet Glam and Rimmel Chocolate Factory. It did looked better.

Even though I said it looked better, I’m not entirely happy. But I just want to get it over with. I did not use the tape method before doing the marble, so as expected, the clean in is another story. Yes, if I would highly suggest that if you wanted to try this technique, put tape around your nails. Believe me, it would lessen your headache.

I’m not sure if you would notice, but the finished product had small bubbles and is nowhere near perfect. But please bear with me. This is the most decent design I can come up with. And please excuse the dirty fingers, as I’ve said, I’ve been a very stubborn to not use the tape.

No, I don’t think I’ll do this again in the near future.

Colors used:
Rimmel Chocolate Factory
SanSan Violet Glam
Essence Found my Love (Base Color)

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