11 December 2011

Day 11 – Polka Dots

I’m proud of myself for finishing the first ten days of this challenge. And for the eleventh installment, I have for you some Polka Dot nails.

I did have a hard time trying to figure out what design would look good with dots. I thought of doing some “French Polka” but it didn’t turn out pretty good. After a couple of trial and errors, I finally decided to just put on my name – my nickname actually.

My real name is Bo Yzolde, but I’m commonly known as “boyz” by my friends and family.

I used Chic Persian Red as base color and Essence Tryin’ to be Cool for the dots using a dotting tool. I drew some dots to create a smiling face on my thumb.

Although I know I need more practice in my “dotting” skills, I am happy with the results. The dots are not even in shape and spacing but I still think that it’s legible enough, especially if you know my name.

Colors used:
Chic Persian Red
Essence Tryin’ to be Cool

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