03 February 2012

Valentine's Cupcakes

Hello dear readers! Valentine’s is fast approaching. Although I do not have a partner to celebrate it with, I am happy on how my life is going. And with my love for nail polish, who needs them anyway? (Of course, I’m kidding. I will still want to spend the rest of my life with someone). Another reason that I am not that excited for the season is that I still feel that it is unnecessary. I believe that you don’t need Valentine’s Day to be sweet and all to your partner. You should do it all the time. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against celebrating Valentine’s. It’s just my opinion.

Anyway, despite the fact I stated above, I still feel obliged to do a Valentine’s nail design. This design is inspired by Halloween Cupcake and Christmas Tree Cupcake, both done by the Simply Rins.

The idea is the same: to create a cupcake that has the symbol of the season. So instead of cherries I added hearts on top. I used Caronia Brick Red as the “cup” and striped some pink polish using Sassy nail art brush in pink. I added the icing using Sassy 2 way Nail art pen in white.

Using BNC 2 way nail art pen, I added the hearts as toppings. I wanted to add more colors as sprinkles. So I used a thin brush and the neon polishes that I have.

This is my first cupcake design. Although I did have a hard time achieving the “drips” on the icing, this design is easy to do yet very attractive. Maybe I’ll try to do a conventional cupcake someday.

Let me show you my biggest cupcake which is on my thumb.

So that’s it! How are you guys celebrating your Valentine’s Day?


  1. Super cute! I can't wait to put the kids to bed so I can do my nails! Thanks for the sweet idea :)


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