24 January 2012

Day 25 – Inspired by Fashion

Hi there! I made a mistake in doing the challenge during the holiday season. As I’ve mentioned, I had a vacation and was not able to get in front of a computer. That’s why even though I was able to finish the challenge on time, it was only now that I am showing you guys everything. I will have everything scheduled for you so as not to flood you with the post. One post a day. :)

Moving on, this post will show you day 25 of the challenge, which is Inspired by Fashion. From the start of this challenge, I have been thinking what to do for this day. You see, I am not a fashionable girl. Dressing up is the least of my concern when going out. I wouldn’t be surprised if I will be caught by a fashion police one day. So this is a hard one for me. After a lot of thinking, I remembered a simple blouse my sister owns.

Inspired by Fashion

I thought that this would be easy for me to do since it has very simple design. Here’s how it turned out.

I started off with a base color from Elianto which is Novy. Too bad Elianto stopped selling polishes here, and I was only able to grab three colors from them. It was a bit late when I found out that they had a wide range of different colors. Moving on, I used the same technique on this design from my dots within dots, which is by the way inspired by Emerald Sparkled.

I used Elianto Yellow and Caronia Silver Platinum for the dots. This technique is easy since all you need are polish and a dotting tool.

Inspired by Fashion

I am satisfied with how this design went, although I was not able to clean up very small dirt on my skin. Sorry for that, I only get to see it now.

Here’s a closer look on the nails and the blouse.

Inspired by Fashion

Inspired by Fashion

How do you guys like it?

Colors used
Elianto Novy
Elianto Yellow
Caronia Silver Platinum


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