24 January 2012

Holiday Nails

Hi everyone! This post is a bit late for posting. But I went on a vacation during the holidays and was not able to get in front of a computer to have everything uploaded, that’s why I’m uploading it just now.

I know I’m still in the middle of the challenge. But I wanted to share with you my nails for Christmas day. Although I’ve said that I do not personally celebrate the Christmas season, it has been a family tradition to get together and have a small feast. They would also put up a Christmas tree at home.

In the middle of the challenge, before the clock strikes twelve, I decided to do some Holiday mani.

I used Bobbie Touch of Tan as base color so as not to overpower the trees. I then drew Christmas tree as accent nails on my thumb and ring finger. I drew the tree using BNC 2 way nail art pen in green. I used BNC 2 way nail art pen in red for the red Christmas balls and Caronia Silver Platinum and a dotting tool for the silver balls. For the strings (I’m not really sure what it’s called) I used Art Club Bronze.

I drew in the stars on top using neon yellow. Although the stars don’t really resemble a star, I still like how it turned out. Let’s take a closer look at my Christmas tree.

Too bad, I was only able to wear this for few hours since I had to remove in and continue on with the challenge. I liked how the Christmas tree turned out. I’m even planning to add some gifts, but due to time constraints, I was not able to do that.

What do you guys think?

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