29 January 2012

Day 30 – Inspired by a Tutorial

Hey lovelies. J We’re at the edge of finishing the challenge. I have for you today a mani that is Inspired by a tutorial.

Panlovespolish is the first nail blogger I ever followed. Even before I discovered that there are a lot of nail bloggers, even before I started doing my own nails and even before I made my own nail blog. Her swatches are awesome. And she does a lot of great nail art and a tutorial for them. I already did a couple of nail designs that are inspired by her. Too bad she is not that active anymore. L

So for this second to the last installment, I decided I’d do a nail tutorial from her that I haven’t tried yet, her “Fun” Dots.

I added some twist to her design.

Instead of just doing it diagonally, I decided to write “Year” and “2012”. I think it’s a cute thing since we are fond of wearing and using circle and dots during New Year ’s Eve. It’s also my way of saying hello to the New Year since I wore this design a day before the New Year’s Eve.

I also want to take picture of my hand side by side so that you can read it as a phrase. But my sister had hard time doing that. She kept on laughing at my fat fingers; she said it looks like crab. Hahaha! This is the most decent picture she took.

What do you guys think of  the design?

Colors Used:
Essence Do a Floating Pirouette
Essence Found my Love
Les Couleurs de Salome
SanSan Violet Glam

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