25 January 2012

Day 26 – Inspired by a Pattern

Hey there! Today’s post is a continuation of the 31 day challenge. And today is the 26th installment of it which is Inspired by a Pattern.

There are days in my nail painting life that I ran out of ideas and suck in doing the design. This is one of them. The patterns I saw from other nail bloggers who did this challenge makes me feel worse about what I did.

 I literally ran out of idea on what to do on my nails. I wanted something more elegant. But my mind just went blank. I decided to do something very simple – a checkered design. Since it’s still holidays when I did my nails, I opted to go for the holiday colors, green, red and gold. Well, I cheated, that’s not really gold. I used Art Club Bronze for the base color. Then added on some red and green checkered using BNC 2 way nail art pen. I need a lot of practice with this one.

I’m not exactly sure that checkered are patterns. But I want to claim that it is.

What do you guys think of the design?

Colors used:
Art Club Bronze
BNC 2 way nail art pen Red
BNC 2 way nail art pen Green

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