26 January 2012

Day 27 – Inspired by an Artwork

Hey guys! Today is one of the days I am very excited about. This post will show you Day 27 of the challenge which is Inspired by an Artwork.

I celebrated my last birthday at Madame Tussauds in Amsterdam. I saw a lot of wax statues and famous things in the museum. One of them is what inspired me for this design. I’ve been wanting to try this on my nails but didn’t get the time to do it.

Piet Mondrian is famous for his geometric paintings. Here is a sample of his work.

The design looks simple although would take a lot of time to do especially for a person like me that have a shaky hand. But the results are totally worth it.

I decided to “divide” parts of the artwork on each of my nails since I don’t think it would fit on just one nail. It also gives a fun look since no nail is identical.

I started painting all of my nails white as base color before drawing the other shapes. With the help of a nail art pen and a nail art brush, I was able to draw lines on and parallelograms on my nails. As you might have notices, those lines are not as crisp and straight, as I’ve mentioned, I really have a shaky hand.

I love the overall look of this design. It’s very simple but still catchy.

Tell me what you think.

Colors used
Essence Perfectly True
Elianto Novy
Sassy Nail Art Brush Black
Sassy Nail Art Brush Yellow
BNC 2way Nail Art Pen Red

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